exercises for abs or female abs exercises

exercises for abs

Common Misconceptions On Abdominals

exercises for abs

exercises for abs


MYTH # 1:
If I do enough crunches, I can have a washboard stomach. Actually, people who have exceptionally defined abs are genetically gifted. While most of the exercising population will never attain a ‘washboard’ stomach, you can definitely make the best of what you do have by sticking with a low fat diet and regular training.
MYTH #2:
I do 1,000 crunches every day, and I still can’t see a difference. If you are eating lean and working out consistently, sculpting firm abs is not about how many crunches you do, but how you do each one. Go very slowly, consciously contract those innermost muscles, and exhale on the lift motion of each crunch. Always maintain contact between the floor and your lower back by tilting pelvis up to ceiling.
MYTH #3:
I cannot do abdominal crunches because it hurts my neck and lower back. Actually, if you conditioned you abs regularly, your neck and back would grow stronger and they would no longer strain uncomfortably during the exertion. One word of caution: If you do have a chronic lower back problem, omit the more advanced exercises in which legs are suspended in midair.

female abs

Your stomach – or more correctly, abdominal region – is a miracle of muscular technology. Abs is a part of almost every movement you make, from lifting and bending to twisting and balancing. They are also the key to physical strength and beauty. Without abdominal power, proper posture is unattainable, lower back pain is probable and overall flexibility is limited. While daily bouts of abdominal work are unnecessary, consistent abs training (3-4 days per week for 15-20 minutes per session) is the path to good health.

 female abs exercises

female abs exercises

female abs (Part 1)

Lie with spine straight with arms comfortably crossed over chest and legs crossed at ankles Tuck pelvis, pushing lower back against floor, and slightly lower knees to opposite wall. Exhaling curl torso up about 30 degrees. Keeping chin off chest. Hold for a count of three and slowly lower back down. Level # Reps # Sets
Beginner 4-8 x 1
Intermediate 10 x 2
Advanced 12 x 3

Lie on your back with knees bent-do not arch your back. Reach front with hands at chest level and slowly crunch torso up, exhaling on the exertion. Keep chin off chest, and try to lift shoulder blades off floor. Hold the top of your contraction, and consciously pull in abdominal Level Hold for # Sets
Beginner 5-10 seconds 1
Intermediate 15 seconds 2
Advanced 20 seconds 3

vibro slimming belt to tone stomach muscles

vibro slimming belt to tone stomach muscles

vibro slimming belt to tone stomach muscles

In the sustained hold position shift body weight and arms toward right hipbone. Lift torso to the right about 30 degrees, and slowly raise right knee over abdominal to hold. (At the top of your crunch, right leg and torso are lifted).Contract abs and hold body to right side before repeating to the left. (Oblique exercises not only train abdominals, but also tone the waistline).Level Hold for # Sets Beginner 8 sec each side 1 Intermediate 15 sec each side 2
Advanced 20 seconds each side 3

female abs (Part 2)

From a supine position, bring ankles together and turn knees slightly out. Crunching torso up, place hands on the outside of thighs and hold. In 5-second increments, lift both shoulder blades off floor, walking hands closer to knees for deeper contraction. As you lift, keep and orange-sized space between chest and chin- and always control your contraction. Level # 5 second increments
Beginner 2-3
Intermediate 4-5
Advanced 6-7

Lie on your back with bent legs extended in air over abdominal. To start, place let hand behind head for support and bring right hand, palm down, to floor beside your body. Keeping lower body stationary, reach right hand up toward toes and hold for a 3 second count before returning to start. Repeat all reps to one side before switching. Level # Reps # Sets
Beginner 4-8 1
Intermediate 12 2
Advanced 18 3

To start, lie on your back with bent legs crossed at ankles. With legs extended over abs and arms extended on floor past buttocks, gently (without rocking) using abdominals to lift hips. This advanced crunch is even harder if you simultaneously raise torso, as shown. Controlling contractions with good form is more important than how high you raise hips. Beginners: Keep head and neck on floor at all times. Level # Reps # Sets
Beginner 4-8 each side 1
Intermediate 12 each side 2
Advanced 18 each side 3

Lie on your back with legs elevated over abdominal cavity and knees bent. Place hands behind head, and keep neck and head in alignment during lift phase of repetition. Slowly contract both upper and lower body, shifting knees up into chest during the lift motion. This deep, advanced crunch will slightly tip tailbone off floor; Hold for 3-5 seconds before returning to start. Level # Reps # Sets
Beginner 4-8 1
Intermediate 12 2
Advanced 18 3-4

female abs (Part 3)

Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on floor to start. With fingertips supporting neck/head, shift knees slightly to left. Curling torso upward, raise left shoulder blade, and point left elbow slightly to right side of body. Knees are still pointing left as you exhale upward. When you switch sides, remember to shift knees right, and lead with right elbow pointing left. Level # Reps # Sets
Beginner 4-8 each side 1
Intermediate 12 each side 2
Advanced 18 each side 3

In the oblique rotation position, shift both knees to the left, but extend arms over the right hipbone. Exhaling slowly during controlled repetitions, make sure lower back is pushed into floor and body is not rocking. Switch sides. Level # Reps # Sets
Beginner 4-8 each side 1
Intermediate 12 each side 2
Advanced 18 each side 3

Lie on your stomach with elbows propped on floor wider than shoulders. Extend legs on floor, always maintaining contact between hipbones and floor. Exhale as you gently push chest up to ceiling. Keeping head and neck in alignment breathe deeply and repeat as needed. Level Hold for # Sets
Beginner 3 seconds 3
Intermediate 6 seconds 3
Advanced 9 seconds 3

AFTER: Take time to stretch your waist and back since they are all integrated parts of your trunk. Back muscles are most important for controlling the mechanics of your spine, and poor posture greatly contributes to lower back pained and injury. A strong, healthy stomach is the sexiest one- beautiful body alignment and trim waistlines are all part of the bigger picture.

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