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July 22nd, 2012

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If you are tired of living under stress and need help, then I have created a list of tips and advice that helped me.
massage blog – about massagers and massage. My notes – health and useful tips for woman.

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Budget Gift Basket: Kitchen Gadgets

April 27th, 2016

Holiday Gift Basket for the New Kitchen

Budget Gift Basket

Stocking and equipping the first kitchen for a young adult or newly married couple is an exciting time. There are many choices to make regarding dishes, glassware, cookware, ingredients, and most importantly – GADGETS! A holiday gift basket filled with useful, inexpensive and often-forgotten kitchen gadgets will be a welcome.
Digital Instant-Read Thermometer – Found with the kitchen wares at most stores, a digital instant-read thermometer will save the new cook from failed bread and overcooked meats.

Baking Stones – There is no need to spend up to $90 for a pizza stone. A visit to a store featuring tile flooring products will procure a remarkable substitute for around $15. Unglazed quarry tiles will find a home on the rack of the oven and create great pizza and artisan-style bread. Most oven shelves can be covered with four 6-inch or six 4-inch tiles, leaving sufficient circulation room around the sides. It is very important that the tiles are unglazed, as some glazes contain lead. The tiles do not need to be removed from the oven and will not interfere with other baking. A roll of parchment paper would be appreciated as an accessory to the baking stones.

Oil Decanter – Available for very little money at many dollar stores, a decanter for oil will find a place in any kitchen. Include a bottle of good extra virgin olive oil.

Silicon Spatulas – There is no such thing as too many spatulas. Even though silicon lasts longer than the old hard rubber spatulas, they will eventually break down as well and should be discarded. Silicon spatulas are available at dollar stores and discount stores.

Flexible Cutting Mats – Flexible cutting mats are sold in color-coded packages, with a different color for raw meat, raw chicken, raw vegetables and more. Very inexpensive to buy, flexible cutting mats are a great solution to the former one-size-fits-all wooden cutting boards that can lead to cross-contamination in the kitchen.

Corkscrew – There is nothing as awful as receiving a bottle of wine and not having the appropriate tool to open it. A decent corkscrew with a lever to help pull the cork from the bottle can be found for under $10.

Measuring Cups and Spoons – Every kitchen can use a set of graduated, nesting dry measuring cups and a clear glass 2-cup liquid measuring cup. A set of measuring spoons is another kitchen necessity often overlooked.

Shopping at discount and dollar stores make it possible to create a kitchen gadget holiday gift basket for very little money.

Good Nights Sleep when You Are Pregnant – Natural Sleep Remedies

Natural Sleep Remedies

April 26th, 2016

Natural Sleep Remedies

natural sleep remedies
This article gives several great ideas on how to get a good nights sleep. A lot of people have become dependent on sleeping pills. These medications can interfere with normal brain functioning, causing poor-quality sleep.

They also can make you feel light-headed and dizzy the next day. The best way to get off sleeping pills is to start gradually cutting back on them. Then you can stop using them and start trying some natural remedies.

TAKE A WARM BATH: This seems to help me. Once you leave the water, your body temperature drops sending a signal to your brain that it’s time to sleep. Add some lavender oil, the aroma will also make you sleepy. Bath salts work great, add one cup of Epsom salts and one cup of baking soda to your bath. This will also help remove toxins from your body.

MOVE BACK YOUR BEDTIME: Move your bedtime back a half hour every night until you awaken when you want to without an alarm clock. Go to bed extra early one night a week. Once you get into the habit add another night until you’re getting a full eight hours of sleep a night.

Adding an extra hour each night is equivalent to two cups of coffee. Go to bed earlier works, but not sleeping later. Sleeping later doesn’t work because it disturbs your circadian rhythm, making you feel somewhat groggy the next day.

COOL OFF: If you wake up unusually early, say four or five A.M. head for the bathroom. Dampen a hand towel with cool water. Spend a few minutes lightly wiping your arms,legs, and torso. Then go back to bed you should be able to fall asleep. The body is very warm when it comes out of REM sleep. Once you have cooled down and you get back into bed, your body will heat up even more.

LISTEN TO WHITE NOISE: My electric fan works for me. This not only helps you fall asleep, it also helps you drown out a snoring partner. You can also buy a white noise machine. Several people have had success falling asleep with these machines. If you don’t have a machine try tuning your radio to spots between stations. This produces low-level “white noise”. A constant low level of noise helps people fall asleep.

EAT A SNACK: A carbohydrate snack, such as cereal eaten thirty minutes before bed will make you sleepy. They contain tryptophan, an amino acid that becomes serotonin, that is your brains sleep agent. Another snack to keep on hand are cherry’s they are concentrated sources of melatonin. Melatonin is a popular over-the counter supplement that helps you fall asleep. If you do take Melatonin make sure you read some information before taking it, it does have some side affects.

HAVE A DRINK: Make sure it isn’t alcoholic and make sure it does not have any caffeine in it such as coffee. Try one of the oldest sleep remedy drinks. “A glass of warm milk.” Dairy foods contain tryptophan an amino acid that the body converts to melatonin and serotonin. Several studies have proved that this does work.

Have a glass each night before bed, you will also benefit from the added calcium. If you are milk intolerant or the thought of warm milk makes you nauseated then try some cherry juice it works the same way. You can also try a nice hot cup of herbal tea such as chamomile,catnip or fennel tea. You can also go to your local health store and find a good selection of natural sleep-aid teas.
Find Lots of Gift Ideas for the Graduate in Your Life

10 Great Graduation Gift Ideas for Girls

April 24th, 2016

Graduation is upon us and time to think about gifts for the grads in your life. A gift card is always a great idea but if you want something a bit more personal for the female grad check out these ideas.

Gift idea number 1: Make sure your graduate gets to those college classes on time. A brand new alarm clock is perfect. Choose one that plays the radio or a CD so she wakes up to some favorite music rather than an annoying buzz. There are many sources for alarm clocks with some of the more popular choices being WalMart, Target and A simple alarm clock search on provided over 9,000 selections.

alarm clock + music

Gift idea number 2: College freshmen often get homesick. They miss their family, friends and even pets. An autograph frame from will remind her of those she misses. With room for a photograph, the mat is large enough for loved ones to write messages of congratulations and well wishes.

Graduation Tassel Frame

Gift idea number 3: High school graduates can show off their school pride with a tassel frame. Available at, there is an opening for a photograph of the graduate in her cap and gown and another place to hang the tassel from graduation day.

Gift idea number 4: Throw pillows are often found on beds. The Personal Creations website offers a personalized graduation throw pillow, complete with your graduate’s name, school and graduation year.

Gift idea number 5: Also from is a personalized graduation afghan. Like the pillow above, it is also personalized with name, school and year. This would be a nice companion gift with the pillow. Maybe you and another family member could get them together for the graduate.

Gift idea number 6: Remember the happy graduation day every year with a graduation ornament. A few websites offer a variety of styles. Personal Creations, mentioned above is one and is another. Amazon has a Swarovski crystal graduation cap ornament among other choices. Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland,, probably has the largest selection. Bronner’s is well known for the variety of ornaments they offer.

Gift idea number 7: A photo filigree charm bracelet. Homesick freshmen can have photo charms dedicated to family, friends and pets on this lovely sterling silver bracelet from The frame openings are approximately 1/2 inch. The bracelet comes with one charm but others can be purchased for additional photos. You can choose from round or square frames or mix them up for an original look.

Gift idea number 8: One thing your graduate is sure to miss is home cooking. Cafeteria food, frozen pizza and ramen noodles are college standards. Why not give your graduate cooking lessons? Many major towns have vocational schools that offer culinary classes as well as specialty food shops that do too. But some of the best lessons may come from Mom or a grandparent willing to take some quality time to teach the grad how to make her favorite recipes. Then, before she heads off to college, have her make dinner for the family, kind of like a final exam. She’s sure to make friends quickly knowing how to cook!

The last two gift ideas require some creativity and a little advance planning, but they are sure to be gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Gift idea number 9: A family and friends cookbook. Enlist the help of anyone close to the graduate to write or type up 5 favorite recipes. Make sure everyone completes the task in the same way. Let your helpers know if you want them handwritten or typed. Many bookstores have blank journals that you could purchase and then pass it around so all the recipes are written in the book. You could also use this idea as a recipe box rather than book. Supply recipe cards and ask that recipes be handwritten for the graduate.

Gift idea number 10: A scrapbook. The themes and possibilities here are endless. You could make a scrapbook through the years, high school highlights or just graduation day. There are many sources for scrapbooks and all the papers and embellishments. Michael’s Arts & Crafts, JoAnn’s and even Oriental Trading Company carry supplies. This is a gift your graduate is sure to treasure.

High school graduation is an exciting time in a teenager’s life. Any of these gifts will make the occasion extra special.
Stop Back Pain Now Video | My massage blog

Stop Back Pain Now Video

March 9th, 2016

Stop Back Pain Now Video

Are you tired of the constant discomfort and misery that has been an overwhelming part of your daily life ever since back pain entered the picture?

stop back pain now video

If you are like the many thousands of back pain sufferers all over the world, theanswer to that question would probably be a resounding yes—and it is fully understandable that you should feel that way. Back pain is one of the most wide spread medical complaints in this modern age where large numbers of the workforce are relegated to routine office work that more often than not ties them down behind the desk for long hours every day. If you yourself are not the victim of this painful and potentially debilitating condition, chances are that you know someone who is—maybe even a member of your immediate family.

Take heart however in the introduction into the market of the Stop Back Pain Now Video which just may provide the solution that will help you be free of back pain and possibly even keep you pain free for the rest of your life.

With the rapid increase in the reported cases of back pain (particularly of the lower back) in recent years has naturally come a corresponding increase in the treatment methods and medications that have come into public awareness. Anyone who suffers from any type of back condition will have a wide variety of options, the suitability of which will be dependent upon their particular condition.

Before embarking on any plan of action be forewarned that a specific method of treatment–or a particular type of medication for that matter—while producing positive results in one person, may not necessarily work for another. There are many types of back pain with their own root causes and it is only through careful consultation with your doctor or a certified health professional that you can get to the origins of your particular case and how to best go about finding an effective and long term cure.

Product: Stop Back Pain Now Video

Price: $24.99 $19.99

Consumer: Back Pain Sufferers

The purpose of the Stop Back Pain Now Video is to inform and instructback pain sufferers as to the cause and relief of back pain.

Pros: “They” say that one picture is worth a thousand words so how much do you suppose that a 25 minute video about back pain in worth. Sometimes we just need to see information rather that read information or just hear information.

This twenty-five minute video, Stop Back Pain Now, takes you through the causes and the stages of back pain. It shows you what is actually happening and why everything from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet hurts.

Visualization is what we as Americans are used to seeing. Visualization is how most of us learn. We were, after all, raised on television. When you watch this video, you will be able to get a real picture in your head of what is causing your back pain. You may be able to do some very simple things that require no pain medications and no invasive surgery to alleviate the back pain that you are suffering.

Cons: Like all non-drug therapies, the methods in the video may take some time to work.

Guarantee: There is a price guarantee but no return policy.

Value for money: The Stop Back Pain Now Video is a very good value.

Where to buy: The Stop Back Pain Now Video

Once you and your doctor have determined the primary underlying cause of yourback pain, you will hopefully have a number of treatment procedures andmedications outlined for you. But your search will not quite end there. At this point you should take the time to get into these treatments in depth through thorough research and possibly even consultation with another physicians–maybe even more than one. This is the only way that you can be sure that the treatment method or procedure that you eventually go for is the best one for your own particular physical circumstances and that the end result will be as successful as possible.

The Stop Back Pain Now Video shares a number of techniques for not only healing and getting relief from back pain but also a number of ways by which you can prevent these occurrences in the first place. The video clearly outlines several effective ways to carry out your daily activities that will keep your back as pain free and healthy as possible.

Back pain? Spine problems?‎

March 9th, 2016

When a person experiences chronic back aches they will eventually have to see their man with back pain health care provider for some answers to the cause of this continuing back pain. After going through the first steps of an examination, personal history, a complete physical and blood work, sometimes the health care provider will decide that a more extensive examination is necessary. This will include x-rays. But there are limits to what an x-ray can show so instead they may suggest to their patient the use of a discogram.

Numerous things can be the cause of lower back injuries- muscle strain or spasm sprains of ligaments, joint problems or a slipped disk. Using your back muscles in activities you’re not used to, like lifting heavy furniture or doing yard work is the most common cause.

Back pain Spine problems
Back pain is a medical condition that typically originates from the nerves, muscles, bones, joints or other parts of the spine. Also known as “dorsalgia”, the condition may make itself known suddenly or it can be a long lasting pain that can be felt either constantly or occasionally. It can also remain in one place throughout the duration of the condition, or it may radiate or transfer to other parts of the back or legs. Back pain may be characterized by any number of sensations ranging from a dull ache to a sharp, piercing or burning feeling. Pain may also be located in the neck, and from there spread out into the arm and the hand; it may be centered on the upper, middle or in the lower back, where it may spread out into the leg or foot, and the condition may be accompanied by symptoms such as numbness, tingling or a general feeling of weakness.

Affecting as many as 90% of us, many want to know what causes upper back shoulder pain and neck pain as well as just how to get back pain relief. Cause ofback and neck pain can include misaligned neck and spinal vertebrae, pulled muscles or fascia, and other direct injuries. Referred pain can also cause back and neck discomfort and can come different organs. Some pain is “idiopathic” because no cause can be found.

Back pain Spine problems
If you have chronic back and neck pain, you may be struggling with the costs of treatment. According to statistics, 62 percent of people with chronic back and neck pain stated that they could not afford all of their medical treatment; 29 percent said they used alternative treatments due to the costs of traditional treatments.

Many people suffer from problems with arthritis pain. The most common location of this type of pain is in the upper back and shoulders. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to ease your pain without having to resort to dangerous medications or surgeries.

customer reviews here

professional massagers for home

February 3rd, 2016

Professional Massager

Getting a professional massager is very easily if you know how to pick the best one. Massagers are very beneficial in improving body’s health. We can use professional massager for personal professional therapist massager. If you feel stressed by everyday live, you can get a massager to reduce your stress. You will feel relaxed after receiving body massage from the massager.

The body massager can surely reduce stress, ease your muscles, and give you feeling of fresh body. It can also help to remove tissue deposits and distribute tissue throughout your body. You can easily use a professional massager by reading the guide book. A good massager will surely reduce tension of your body. You will feel healthier after getting massage.

Thumper Professional Maxi Pro Body Massager

professional massagers for home
The first recommendation of massager is Thumper professional body massager. This is an ideal professional massager that can be used by two people. The full body massage only take for 5 minutes. This professional massager is perfect for commercial purpose. The weight of this item is 3.2 kg. It is a great massager for relaxation.

You will be satisfied if you buy this unit for personal massager. It is a very safe and comfortable massager that is very easy to use. You can relax anytime and feel refreshed after getting massage from this professional massager. This product is backed with 2 year warranty on parts and also labor. It is very easy to be used for massaging self or other person. It is a professional massager that can be good fro commercial massager.

General Physiotherapy G5 Contour Massager

professional massagers for home
General physiotherapy contour massager is our second recommendation of professional massager that you can consider. This non-invasive massager is great for skin, muscles, scalp, lymph nodes, and also circulatory system. It can provide you with effective and comfortable massage, deep tissue massage, percussion, kneading, compression, skin layer resonation, cellulite reduction, and many others.

The great advantages of this massager are maintained CPC, dial controls, versatile mounting position, visual display to monitor CPS, pulsation range, and time. This is a great professional massager that can be used for both commercial and personal use. For configuration, you can mount it or put it on the table top. Its power cord is hospital grade. You do not have to worry about its quality. This unit is a true professional grade massager that you can get in the market.

Jeanie Rub Massager Professional Package

Jeanie rub massager is our last recommendation this is another great massager that you can consider. It is the ultimate starter kit massager. If you and your family love to have massager at home then, this professional massager can be a good solution for all of you. If you often get tired of your work you will be able to get professional massage at home without going to massage therapist.

The specifications are 13 foot power cord and 18 gauge steel construction. It is a really high durability professional massager. You can consider of buying this unit if you want a high durability massager. Get this massager at the market. This massager is available at great price. You will surely satisfy with this product because you do not need to go for massager therapy if you have massager at home.

One is the best massager which you can use for your home read our review

thumper versa pro massager

December 21st, 2015

thumper versa pro massager

thumper versa pro massager

Thumper Versa Pro massager is the best massager which you can use for your home.

Many people like this massager because they can use the massager without holding the machine. You can lie down in relax condition and let the Thumper Versa Pro massager does all jobs.

In this modern era, people are busy to work. Sometimes when they come home from tiring day in the workplace, they feel too tired. Your body is stiff from sitting in front of the computer all day long. Some people think that sleeping can be the best solution to let the tiredness goes away. This idea can be wrong. If you let the tiredness accumulates in your body, it can let you to many serious illnesses. To avoid this problem, you should use the massager. Thumper Versa Pro massager will massage your whole bodies.

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The Thumper Versa Pro massager is strong and fast compared to other massagers. You can relieve your body from the muscular tension. This massager will also invigorate your tired and aching body. Just let the Thumper Versa Pro massager does the work for you. You just lie down and enjoy the feeling. It is better for you to rest your feet, thighs, the calves, and the lower back against the massager and start the healing process.

This Versa Pro massager is the latest edition of the Thumper line products. According to the consumer reviews, this massager is the best product of the body massager. You can use this massager for your lower body. This Thumper Versa Pro massager has 13 different message setting. Choose the most suitable massage for your body. You can control the massager by using the remote control. Do not worry about the quality of this massager because it is very strong and durable.

Many people like this Thumper Versa Pro massager because they do not need to hold the massager since it is equipped with 7 auto programs. You just choose the program you like and enjoy the massage. This Thumper Versa Pro massager has 184 acu-pressure nodes powered by the direct drive percussion. The nodes are also adjustable starting from 16 to 30 pulses per second. Even when you experience the massager when you are wearing the shoes and the clothing, you will still enjoy the result. You will be able to feel the healing massage deep down in your body not only on the skin.

Thumper Versa Pro Home Foot Massager [Health and Beauty]

If this Thumper Versa Pro Massager is compared to other massagers, this massager will do 10 times the work. You will get 10 times work than the ordinary massagers. By using this massager, you will not need to hold the massager. You just sit back, relax, and let the healing massage begin. The result of the healing massage is felt to deep down on your body. It is not only felt by your skin surface.

This Thumper Versa Pro Massager has the muscle so it can give you more powerful massage. The healing massage provided by this massager is not only effective for your health but also your beauty. The thumper is the professional grade brand which is used by the physical therapist, the professional athletes, and the massage therapists. You may also find this Thumper Versa Pro Massager in the clinical environment.

pros medi rub foot massager

November 6th, 2015

Medi Rub Foot Massager

Medi Rub foot massager is a great option of foot massager you can choose for massaging your foot. It is widely used by professionals including doctors, physical and massage therapy, chiropractors, professional athletes and also customers. Medi Rub foot massager is manufactured by a reliable company in the USA. The design of this massager has been admitted by the industry standard since 1976.

This Medi Rub foot massager is a beneficial massager for relieving tension, stress, and also reducing body aches and pains. This is specifically designed to meet the need of feet massage and lower legs. It is also ideal to be used by people who suffer from diabetes and neuropathy since it can stimulate the increase of the blood circulation.(Signs of Depression)

medi rub foot massager
Medi Rub 2000 Plus Foot Massager

This Medi Rub foot massager is able to directly stimulate thousands of nerve endings which are located in your feet soles. It is very beneficial for helping prevent the leg cramps and also relieve the aches in the heels and toes. It can also ease some symptoms such as arthritis and flat feet. Also, it is very ideal for individual who has less activity because of injury, age, or illness.

In brief explanation, the benefits of this Medi Rub foot massager includes the increasing circulation in the lower legs and in feet. It can also penetrate deep through all the layers of the muscle. It can also provide you a quiet operation since it comes with powerful two speed heavy-duty motor. For showing its commitment in providing you a high quality, the manufacturer supplies this massager with 1 year warranty.

Medi Rub Foot Massager (110 volts) with Traumeel Gel 50gm – SET

Another option of Medi Rub foot massager you can take into your consideration is Medi Rub foot massager with Traumel Gel50gm. It is virtually the same with the previous option. It can stimulate the nerve endings in the feet soles and can prevent the leg cramps and also relieve aches in the toes and heels. Yet, it comes with a 50gm tube of Traumeel Gel., a versatile pain reliever.

medi rub foot massager
Furthermore, this Medi Rub foot massager comes with Traumel Gel50gm which can temporarily relieve minor aches and pains related to sports injuries, muscles aches and bruises, sprains, and minor arthritis pain as well as inflammation. In order to get the optimal blood circulation, you can use it for around 15-20 minutes.

Benefits of Medi Rub Foot Massager

Instead of the beneficial thing you can get from Medi Rub foot massager in the above explanation, you can also get some other benefit including the instant relief of your tired aching feet. This two-speed brilliant massager is constructed with oscillating action which is very beneficial for increasing the circulation of the blood. Also, it can stimulate the nerve endings in the soles of your feet.

In brief explanation, the benefits of this Medi Rub foot massager cover the increasing of the circulation in the lower legs and feet, the deep penetration through all the layers of the muscles, quiet operation with two powerful speed heavy-duty motor, can be used for the diabetes and neuropathy, prevention of legs cramps, relieving aches in heels and toes, free from maintenance, reflexology charts, and also limited lifetime warranty. Click Here For More Information!

Is Left Back Pain Getting You Down?

October 29th, 2015

review massage chairs
Pain is often difficult to tolerate, but left back pain can be more of a problem, because it could be caused by several things. As with other pain, it is important to find the cause of the pain then the symptoms can be dealt with, without fear of complicating matters by doing the wrong thing – I’m thinking ice versus heat. Of course to get a true diagnosis you need to see your medical doctor for a checkup on the cause of your left back pain, and depending on the suspected diagnosis, it may mean x-rays or physiotherapy to diagnose and then treat the left back pain.

Left back pain can occur for a variety of reasons, and one of the most common culprits is overuse. It could be because of continually lifting heavy objects, or through exercise straining the muscles of the left back. Poor posture or too much weight can also place more stress on the left back.

Often left back pain is the result of normal wear and tear on the body. Arthritis is the cause of a great deal of pain especially in the elderly, as the various joints start to wear out due to constant use over the years. The cartilage between the vertebrae in the back can become quite thin and this causes pain because there is not the same amount of cushion as previously, so the vertebrae can rub on one another.

Now, if you have lower back pain that seems to radiate into and down your leg, then you may be suffering from sciatica, or rather sciatic pain. This is caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve which is the longest nerve in the body. It stretches from the middle of the lower back, down the back of both legs, and into the feet. If the sciatic nerve is pinched it causes inflammation and pain which can be felt the along the length of the whole nerve. It usually only affects one leg, so if your left leg and left lower back is painful it could be because of sciatic pain, but of course you need to get it diagnosed by your family doctor.

What can you do to relieve back pain? That does depend on the problem of course. If sciatic nerve pain is the problem, then in the first 48 hours regular icing of the lower back will help to reduce the inflammation around the sciatic nerve. However, if it is a case of pulled muscles, heat may help, as well as gentle stretching exercises, although some recommend ice, or alternating heat and ice treatments.

Rest is important too, as this will give the back time to heal itself without having more stress put on it by constant activity.

When muscles are the problem, physiotherapy can be a great help by teaching you the correct exercises to do to relive the pain, and also to strengthen the back. Before you do any exercise, however, check with your medical doctor first to make sure that this will not cause you further damage or pain and not only with regard to your left back pain but your overall health as well.

review massage chairs

Sitting on a back massage chair after work could be the nicest thing you can do to relax your body. It is like being in a peaceful place, while actually you are just in your own home! A back massage chair is an investment for your health and relaxation.

Back massage chairs can be a powerful part of your healthcare routine since they help reduce stress levels and promote better health. Back massages chairs have the power to reduce back pain, increase circulation to hard-working feet and legs, and a powerful way to reduce stress on a daily basis.

Back massage chairs are also helpful in saving more money. Yeah, although the price is expensive, but you just spend the money once for life-long use. You do not need to pay for hundreds of dollars for an hour of massage by therapists. It does not need long time to reaches thousands if you go to the therapists every week.

Frequent massage is good for your health, and for this case, a back massage chair allows you to have more consistent therapy. It is because you have your own equipment at home. You are free to use it everyday, or even twice a day!

Get interested in back massage chairs? Luckily, you can find them anywhere, whether in stores at your town, or in online stores.


review massage chairs

List Price: $2,499.99
Price: $1,098.95 + $198.00 shipping


This back massage chair is equipment you should consider to be on your next buying list. Arrange your sit with its two Gravity positions. Position 1, the backrest, footrest, and seat adjust automatically to the body’s perfect and natural position. This position allows you to get all massage functions provided by this equipment.

Position 2 makes the legs further elevated and backrest reclined for extreme circulation and relaxation. This massage chair features thumb-shaped rollers that reach out and comfortably squeeze the neck and tops of the shoulders. Its air-only Comfort Course delivers gentle stretch and compression massage to the lower back, hamstrings, calves, and feet via 24 independent airbags.

Choose your favorite courses from its 83 combination manual courses that include grip, shiatsu, kneading, tapping, kneading & tapping, and various stretches. This back massage chair gives a truly customized massage that focuses on detected areas of stiffness and tension. This is equipment that can really understand your needs.

Human Touch HT7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

review massage chairs

List Price: $3,999.00
Price: $3,395.00 + $198.00 shipping


This is the world’s first massage chair that incorporates the latest advances both in massage and back-care technology to virtually defy gravity’s adverse effects. As this back massage chair, it provides the ideal posture for massage, in which its back, seat, and footrest synchronously move to position the body in a virtually weightless condition.

As you sit on it, this back massage chair provides a deep, invigorating massage of the neck, back and legs. This patented human touch massage system makes you feel refreshed and recharged. It is also because this back massage chair features dual-lumbar back heat modules that gently warm the lower back muscles, gradually reducing tightness and pain. Its precisely designed 8-point pulsating seat massage system targets the key pressure points of the sciatic nerve along the buttocks and upper hamstrings to promote optimal lower back relief.

information on where to buy cheap exercise equipment. click to find out more

Where to Buy Cheap Exercise Equipment

September 8th, 2015

Where to Buy Cheap Exercise Equipment

where to buy cheap exercise equipment
Here is information on where to buy cheap exercise equipment. With all those infomercials and other advertisements selling the latest workout gizmo it seems that only those with lots of extra money can afford to get into shape. However this is not true as you really can buy cheap exercise equipment with just a little work.

Before moving onto where to buy cheap exercise equipment, first consider if you really need to buy any exercise equipment at all. If you are really frugal or on a tight budget you can make or repurpose items at home for exercise. Free weights can be made by simply using buckets and other containers filled with sand, water, or lead shot (from sporting goods stores used to reload shotgun shells). Virtually any item with weight can also be used to add resistance to your exercise routine. Hold a small amount of weight while doing sit ups, walking or jogging to increase your workout.

If you decide that you do indeed need to buy exercise equipment here are a few sources that you will want to check out:

Amazon is of course the place to start any search for used items simply due to their large presence in the market. With exercise equipment, shipping costs can be high so look for local pickup items and keep an eye on shipping costs for those that are too far away to be picked up. Also make certain that the equipment comes with instruction manuals or that the manuals can be purchased from the manufacturer. Other reputable and reliable websites offer similar services, but Amazon’s size makes it the place to start when looking for cheap exercise equipment. Also check out and for deals. A search on is also useful anytime you are looking to get a good deal. Visiting each exercise equipment maker’s website might also turn up a closeout or other deal.

where to buy cheap exercise equipment
Dealing locally allows you to give the equipment a try as well as avoiding shipping costs and possible shipping damage when looking to buy cheap exercise equipment. Play It Again Sports is a retail chain that sells used exercise equipment. Other similar retailers exist and all make a good place to check out. One weakness compared against traditional retailers is that the store staff selling a variety of brands of used merchandise can’t be knowledgeable about every piece of equipment made so be certain that you are getting the manuals and ask about returns. Thrift stores and yard sales might also turn up great deals on cheap exercise equipment.

If you are looking to buy cheap exercise equipment a little time and effort shopping around can save you a lot of money.

Tips how to buy the right massager – more info

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