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roller massagers for home use

roller massagers for home use

Whenever you are tired you can get roller massager to massage your tired muscles.
Massage rollers are very hand and easy to use. We can bring the roller massagers anywhere we like. Massage is the oldest type of medical type that can be done as a therapy for soft tissues of human body. This process involves stroking, kneading, and pressing areas of the body to make the body relax and relieve tension.

There are so many techniques of massaging that we can do. For better result we can use roller massager. Since the roller massager is very light in weight and very portable we can do any techniques anywhere we brought the massager. You can bring the massager anywhere you go and get massage as soon as you feel pain in your muscles. If you are interested in getting a massager you can get the one that can surely remove all your pains by simply massaging your tissues.

Reflex Roller SHIATSU Massager for Foot-Back-Body

reflex roller shiatsu massager for foot-back-body
Reflex roller is our first recommendation of roller massager that you can choose. It is a great body massager that allows you to get professional massage anytime you like. This unit features directional control, variable speed control, rolling and kneading action, good for massaging foot, thigh, calf, back, and waist, has washable and removable cloth, ad many others. This roller massager will be good for office and home need of massager.

You can renew your health and vitality by using this amazing roller massager. It is a great massager that you can bring anywhere you like. It also has directional control so you can properly move toxins and blood in the right direction. If you just recovered prom an operation you are not recommended to use this machine. It can only be used for people with great body condition.

Cellulite Control Cell Roller Massager

cellulite control cell roller massager
Our second recommendation of good body massager is this Cellulite control cell roller massager. It can help you to get rid of cellulite. This is a uniquely shaped roller massager that can help your skin to feel and look tighter. This Y shaped massager comes with 56 convex pellets in both rollers. This roller massager can provide you with double massage. It is good to be used in the shower or after shower. You can also use with moisturizer for better result.

This product is very affordable and sturdy. You can use this anytime you want without worry since it is made of high durability ABC plastic. If you often work out with your body you can relieve your muscles pain by using this roller massager. It is very easy to use and portable. It can also become a great gift if you know somebody who needs body massager very much.

Wooden Foot Roller Massager (FREE Shipping)

wooden foot massager
Our last recommendation is this wooden foot massager. It is a good quality roller massager that comes in very affordable price but offers many benefits. You can relieve the tension of your feet with this wooden foot massager. This unit is very light in weight and small in size. You can bring this unit anywhere you like. If you like going out to the gym very often you can also bring this roller massager with you.

Reduce muscles pain with this massager. It can also help to stimulate body immune system and increase blood circulation. For full relaxation you can stimulate pressure points. Get the durable roller massager at the nearest store around you. This massager is available at affordable price.

Those massagers are designed to meet your need for back pain.
handheld back massagers

handheld back massagers

Hand held back massagers are available in a lot of options. Those massagers are designed to meet your need for back pain. Also, some of hand held back massagers can be used for neck massaging. You can use these tools for relieving the injuries or back pains. By using these tools, you do not need to go for the therapies which demand you to spend a lot of money. Now you can experience a personal therapy at your own home with these affordable tools.

4-Pc Set Hand Massager

This is another option of hand held back massagers you can consider for your needs. This tool is designed to look like animals including red frog, stell blue gorilla, and also green turtle. Instead of relieving your back pain, this tool also offers more function such as for relieving the body, the foot and the shoulder.

This type of hand held back massagers can reduce your tension as well as to have the energy balance throughout the body in a few minutes. To use it is not a complicated thing. You can simply press the tips of this tool gently and you can directly feel your loosened-up body. Or, you can also press this tool firmly to your foot for triggering the reflexology points for your whole body.

Neck and Back Massager – Jobri Dolphin Fairy Body, Back and Neck Percussion Massager with Heat

Among all those options of hand held back massagers, The Dolphin Fairy belongs to one that is worth to consider. It comes with some good features including an innovative adjustable speed electric massager along with the action of tapping. It is lightweight and has an ergonomic design and very effective in reducing pain and muscular tension.

Some other great things offered include the interchangeable smooth as well as elastic acupressure massage balls. It is very beneficial for relieving tense muscles and pain. For its operation, this type of hand held back massagers uses infrared heat rays for soothing the irritated nerves, increasing cellular metabolism, and also dilating blood vessel. It works by minimizing the inflammation.

The features offered by this type of hand held back massagers include powerful message, lightweight and hand held design, infrared heat for reducing irritated nerves, increasing cellular metabolism, and also dilating blood vessel, elastic massage ball, and interchangeable message balls.

Neck, Trigger Point and Back Massager – EV2510K Panasonic Reach Easy Vibrating Rolling Massager

Panasonic EV2510K is another option of hand held back massagers you can choose for your needs. It is very beneficial for relieving muscle and pain. Instead of relieving back pain, this product is also ideal for relieving the neck pain. It can stimulate the circulation of the blood and also relieving sore aching muscles with three different types of stroking vibration massage. The gentle vibration is around 5,000 times per minute and the strong vibration is around 6,300 times per minute.

Also, this option of hand held back massagers comes with three types of massaging trigger point heads. Its easy design is for massaging the neck and back and also allows you to easily target the heard-to-reach areas. Its elbow-angled design makes you possible to access the lower, middle, and also upper part of your back. This point part is for reducing the stiffness on the shoulders. The wide surface of this massager is for providing you gentle rubbing massage to the arms and legs.

Caution: how to get rid of the fat on your lower abs
useful tips !
how to get rid of the fat on your lower abs

how to get rid of the fat on your lower abs

how to get rid of the fat on your lower abs

how to get rid of the fat on your lower abs

Getting rid of the fat on your lower abs can be such a challenge–especially if you don’t know which exercises to do. You’ll have to do exercises in a variety of positions to make sure that your lower abdominal muscles are being worked properly. Here are some lower ab exercise routines that you may want to try.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to abdominal exercises, you should work your lower muscles only a few times a week. This will give your muscles time to rest and will prevent cramping. After you have your lower ab exercise schedule determined, you’ll need to start finding the right equipment.

A medicine ball, or Swiss ball, is a great tool to use in your exercise program. The ball will actually work all sections of your abs, but you’ll fee the pressure and resistance in your lower muscles much quicker. You can sit on the ball and use weights to create the resistance that your muscles need to firm up, or you can lie on your back and do sit-ups on the ball.

You can also add exercises like hip rolls and crunches to your lower ab exercise routine. This way, you can properly tone the muscles in your core and avoid getting bored with just one type of exercise. These exercises will also tone parts of your hips and upper thighs. After just a few weeks, you’ll start to see that your clothes fit differently, and you’ll even have motivation to eat better so that you can continue to keep your weight down.

Most people don’t realize that diet and lower ab exercises work hand in hand. In order to melt the fat away from your abdominal muscles, you’ll need to stay away from saturated fats, as well as simple sugars and carbohydrates. These food items add fat to the body very quickly, since the energy from the sugars is used up by the body pretty rapidly.

Make sure that your diet is rich in fiber when you’re starting your lower ab exercise routine; substitute some of your fattier snacks with raw fruits and vegetables, or add a trail mix to your breakfast for added fiber. This will help you to get the fat off of all parts of your body. And since your stomach has a tendency to collect fat first, the right diet, along with an exercise program that works well for you, is the key to getting the rock-hard abs that you want.

Can’t get rid of lower belly fat?

your allergy symptoms

your allergy symptoms
your allergy symptoms

your allergy symptoms


Allergies can make your day-to-day existence miserable. A stroll in the park, a yarn ball toss with Fluffy, a seafood dinner, or just something as minute as a nut can easily bring about such irritating complaints as itchy eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, or a skin rash.

But, frequently a person’s allergic reactions can escalate from merely irritating to serious and even life-threatening as the air passageway begins to constrict and inhaling and exhaling becomes labored. This development of symptoms can frequently bring about a state of acute anxiety plus a trip to the emergency room.

Allergies can, indeed, turn into a very serious hindrance and cause you to feel unable to take part in everyday activities. In fact, if you are one of the many sufferers who have allergic reactions, it might even seem to you that, every once in awhile, your environment is a pretty antagonistic place and that the world around you is, actually, out to get you!

You might question how it is that other human beings seem to be so susceptible to the exact same environmental stresses that send your body into overwhelm. Other people appear either unaware of or plainly`totally unresponsive to the would-be irritants that lurk at every turn, while your body reacts, or rather overreacts, to them. Why you? It’s a valid question. The answer is that some men and women, such as yourself, have a hyperactive immune system that more or less “goes into a frenzy” whenever you encounter routine substances particularly pollen, dander, shellfish, or nuts.

your allergy symptoms

your allergy symptoms

The true reason for the abatement of allergy symptoms is because of the fact that chiropractic treatment impacts the entire nervous system, including your autoimmune system, which is at the root of your hypersensitive responses. Any time there’s a hindrance within the nervous system, in conjunction with other challenges, the autoimmune system, whose responsibility it is to assist you to adapt and react in a healthy way to your environment, is likely to become under-active or overactive. In the case of your allergies, the dysfunction is the latter (it becomes overactive).

In view of the fact that chiropractic manipulations are intended to decrease or even totally get rid of perturbations in the nervous system and recreate equilibrium and relaxation to the entire body, along with a number of other corrections, the adjustments administer homeostasis to the autoimmune system at the same time. A balanced immune system reacts properly to so-called allergens within the natural world.
read post Acuvibe Personal Massager Powerful Vibrators

powerful vibrator

Acuvibe personal massager belongs to another product of Acuvibe massager you can choose for your option. This Acuvibe personal massager is also available in a lot of choices. It is a powerful and rechargeable hand held vibrator. It is ideal to be used for intense clitoral stimulation. It comes with some different vibrations. It is a great first-time vibrator.

powerful vibrator

powerful vibrator

This Acuvibe personal massager is equipped with a soft, smooth and also spring-mounted massage head. Moreover, the grip is designed to be ergonomic with a powerful vibration. It is suitable to be used for massaging and also for playing. However, it is rechargeable and cordless which makes this tool is versatile. If you want to use it, you can plug it into the wall.

personal massager for women

personal massager for women

You can set the vibration of this Acuvibe personal massager to fit your needs. It provides you two massage settings, high and low setting. Both can provide you intense vibration. You can also turn this massager into an explosive G-spot massager. You can also choose some attachments which are available in the category of “You May Need”.

Human Touch HT 1280 Acuvibe Personal Handheld Vibration Massager

This is the first option of Acuvibe personal massager available for you. This Human Touch HT-1280 AcuvibeA® massager can bring you a pinpoint massage to a new level. It is a hand held massager which allows you to easily grip it so that it can access all the difficult-to-reach areas of your body. It is designed to meet the need of the people with stiffness, tension, and also sore muscle pain.

Apart from its lightweight and easy to use, this Acuvibe personal massager is able to provide you a professional massage for significant relief. It comes with three position switch, easy handling, and also percussion massage.

HT-1220 Acuvibe Personal Massager

Another option of Acuvibe personal massager you can take into your consideration is HT-1220 Acuvibe. It is an excellent tool which can help you relieve sore muscle. It also comes with a compact hand held size so that you can easily pinpoint and reduce your sore spots. The sore muscles which can be relieved include the tightness of the muscle between the shoulder blades, soreness in the neck, and also tired and aching feet and hands.

You will find that this HT-1220 Acuvibe personal massager is an exceptional massager available. Its oscillation energy is 100 percent focusing in the head of the massage. As a result, you can get your targeted sore muscles relieved in a short time effectively. It is also equipped with a strong whisper-quiet motor which can run up to 45 minutes. It is ideal for the office, car, and carry-on bag. It also comes with two options of gentle colors.

HT-1260 Acuvibe

You can also consider this HT-1260 Acuvibe personal massager for your option. It comes with a hand held cordless oscillating massager which is very beneficial for relieving the tight muscles, tension improving your blood circulation, and also for reducing the stress. It focuses on the head so that it can relieve it fast and effectively. It comes with about 11.5 inches long with 16 ounces weight.

Girls Sleeping Bag

girls sleeping bags

girls sleeping bags

girls sleeping bags

girls sleeping bags

It is common for girls to attend slumber parties or sleepovers. The party is either performed indoors or outdoors. Girls sleeping bags are required in both cases for comfortable night’s sleep. However, the fabrics used to make the bags will differ depending on the temperature in the area they are used. If the bags are used outdoors in cold weather, then a 3 season or cold weather bag is suitable. Otherwise most of the other bags are made for use indoors or outdoors in summer. These are some of the models of sleeping bags available for girls:

Coleman Girls Catnap Sleeping Bags

girls sleeping bags

girls sleeping bags

They keep you warm down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and are machine washable. They are suitable for girls of height up to 5 feet 2 inches. ThermoTech insulation is used to keep you warm. A unique technology is applied to prevent zip snags, surrounds your face with softness and makes it easy for you to roll around once inside the bag.

Slumber Girls Sleeping Bags by Gigatent

It will make your child’s sleep over or camping vacation a lovely experience. The fluffy insulation keeps you comfortable in normal conditions. It comes rolled up in its own back pack with adjustable straps, to fit her shoulders. Each back pack is designed to match the sleeping bag with the same colour and artwork. The back pack is designed with top draw strings to ensure safety of items stored. Bottom handle is included. Hanging loop for easy storage is attached. The bag is designed to be used when open or closed and when laid flat the size is 54 inches. Velcro zipper tabs are added for extra protection while sleeping. Hand wash in cold water. No Bleach, lay flat to dry. Dry cleaning not recommended. Dimensions are 55 inches by 27 inches. Pack Size is 7 by 7 by 15 inches. Shell material is 170T polyester; Lining is TC and Filling consists of 700g polyester.

girls sleeping bags

girls sleeping bags

Ballerina Girls Sleeping Bag by Hoohobbers

The bags are over 2.5 inches thick and bag size is 27 inches wide by 56 inches long (without pillow opened) comprised of 100 per cent cotton. They are designer fabric lined with soft, double-brushed, 100 per cent cotton flannel. The bags have a full side-to-bottom zipper allowing you to open the entire bag and lay it flat. It comes with its own carrying belt.

Girls Quasar Sleeping Bags by Blacks

Camping and sleepovers can be scary so make sure the girl is comforted and snug in this superb Quasar Girls Sleeping Bag. The Mummy-shaped style and snug hood will keep her covered from head to toe while the hollow fill fibre offers supreme insulation ensuring no heat escapes.

Junior Mummy Girls Sleeping Bag by Peter Storm

The bag weighs 950 grams with a size of 170cm long, 70cm shoulder width, and 45cm foot width. The pack size is 35cm long and 18cm wide. The bag shell is made from polyester, with the lining being, TC while the bag fill material is polyester and the bag fill weight is 470 grams.

Girls Sleeping Bag Set by RMS International

The gorgeous set contains a zip-up polyester sleeping bag, which measures 68cm by 147cm. It also contains a torch and a plastic water bottle. The entire set comes packed into a pretty bag that has two pockets, backpack straps and a drawstring top. Temperature rating is 12 degrees; net weight filling material is 12oz. This bag set is ideal for camping and sleepovers.

Here are some of the most popular coleman child sleeping bags and their features !
coleman child sleeping bags

coleman child sleeping bags

coleman child sleeping bags

coleman child sleeping bags

Coleman child sleeping bags are available in various sizes, colours, materials and temperature limits. The materials used in making the shell and the lining determine what season the bag is suitable for. Some bags are fit for spring, summer, autumn or winter. Parents should take into account the weather conditions at the campsite and ensure that they buy the correct sleeping bag suitable for such temperature. Here are some of the most popular kids bags and their features;

Coleman Kids Explorer Sleeping Bags

These bags are ideal for children up to five feet tall and they have a limit temperature -3 degrees Centigrade. Inside the shell is a double layer of insulation with hollow-core fibres to keep out cold outside temperature. The bag contains sculpted hood that wraps around the head to avoid heat loss by the child. There is also a zipper down the side of the bag to allow for ventilation and give the kid fresh air and comfortable sleep.

Coleman Fairmont Sleeping Bags

This brand of bags is made especially for summer camping. They are light, easy to wash and very durable. Their limit temperature is 10 degrees C. In addition there is the backpacking range of Coleman kids sleeping bags that are much smaller in size and convenient to carry by the children in their backpacks and are very handy for summer camping trips.

Coleman Pacific Junior Sleeping Bags

Ideal bags for camping, caravanning or indoors. The colour is vibrant green, luxurious materials are used to ensure that your child gets a comfortable and warm night’s sleep. The bags use super soft lining that are also durable with fully opening zipper for dual use as a duvet, making them suitable for a family camping trip in spring, summer or autumn.

Coleman Hudson Junior Sleeping Bags

These are designed especially for kids, in family camping, caravanning and festivals. Their luxurious fabrics like the soft polyester shell and super soft 100 per cent cotton flannel lining ensure ultimate comfort while the high loft Coletherm insulation provides great temperature performance for a cosy night’s sleep. Comfort features such as the thermo collar and drawstring hood which can be released to regulate the temperature in the event of overheating, give the Hudson Junior unbeatable performance. The innovative features in its design include the pillow pocket which prevents your pillow from slipping around in the night, the full zipper can be opened up fully and used as a duvet and the internal secure pocket for safely storing valuables during the night. The temperature range of a 2 season sleeping bag, makes it ideal for late spring, summer, early autumn holiday camping as well as for use indoors.

Coleman Hampton Junior Sleeping Bags

Each component of this kids sleeping bag has been specially chosen to enhance comfort and warmth, offering unrestricted movement. Kids love the freedom offered by the oversized dimensions of this sumptuous rectangular bag. The Hampton range of bags utilise Coleman’s 100 per cent cotton soft touch flannel lining that is warm and cosy, with 100% cotton shell which adds to the comforting homely feel of cool in warm temperatures and warm in colder temperatures. Coleman’s special Coletherm insulation, a fine hollow fibre fill provides high loft, superior insulation and superb warmth. The Comfort Cuff surrounds the user’s face in softness while the thermo collar insulates and minimises heat loss from across the shoulder area, providing for a cosy night’s sleep. The temperature range is a 2 season making it ideal for spring, summer, autumn holiday camping or indoor use.

The next time you go camping with your partner, consider using one of the brands among the Coleman double sleeping bags.
coleman double sleeping bags

coleman double sleeping bags

The history of Coleman sleeping bags goes as far back as the beginning of the 20th century involving a young man by the name W. C. Coleman in Brockton, Alabama who established the Coleman Company Inc. brand of products that have expanded over the years to global proportions. The company is well known for outdoor fun products such as sleeping bags, heaters, coolers, lighting, tents and camping equipments. Many families worldwide have used and continue to use these bags in their homes when a guest room is not available, while on tour abroad or overseas and in camping sites.

coleman double sleeping bags

coleman double sleeping bags

The next time you go camping with your partner, consider using one of the brands among the Coleman double sleeping bags. In extremely cold weather, sharing a bag with your partner can help you generate more heat and feel warmer as opposed to sleeping in separate bags.A double bag is much cheaper than 2 single bags. It weighs less, more convenient and saves luggage space when travelling in a car. You save even more space, money and luggage weight when say; you are on family tour with your partner together with 2 boys and 2 girls. In this case you will only need 3 sleeping bags instead of 6 as the pair of boys, the girls, and yourself and partner can share the double bags.More and more partners as well as families are now turning to the use of double sleeping bags as they become more popular given the savings and benefits derived from using them.

As usual, there are several brands of Coleman double sleeping bags with many features to meet the needs and preferences of partners and other family members. You will find below three brands out of the many brands available. We have included their features in terms of materials, size, weight and temperature.

Coleman Hudson Double Sleeping Bag.

coleman double sleeping bags

coleman double sleeping bags

The outer shell is made of soft polyester with single layer insulation measuring 1 x 300 g/m squared of a substance called Colethermand. The lining is composed of flannel which is 235 x 150 cm while the pack size is 48 x 36 cm weighing 3.7 kg. The comfort temperature is +7 degrees C, while the limit temperature is +2degrees C and an extreme temperature of -13 degrees C.

Coleman Pacific Double Sleeping Bag.

Polyester is the material for the shell, insulation consists of single layer measuring 1 x 350 g/m squared of polyester fibre. Flannel makes up the lining which measures 220 x 140 cm. The Pack size measures 52 x 38 cm while the whole pack weighs 3.5 kg. The comfort temperature of the pack is +9 degrees C while the limit temperature is +4 degrees C and finally the extreme temperature is -10 degrees C.

Coleman Hampton Double Sleeping Bag.

The shell in this case is made of cotton while the insulation material is made of a single layer of Coletherm measuring 1 x 300 g/m squared. The lining consists of flannel material which measures 220 x 150 cm. The pack size is of dimention 48 x 44 x 24 cm and weighs 4.55 kg. The pack has a comfort temperature of +7 degrees C with the limit temperature being +3 degrees C while the extreme temperature is -12 degrees C.

We hope the information given above will help you make an informed decision before you embark on your holiday. Have an enjoyable, healthy, beneficial and convenient holiday.

Coleman® Sleeping Bags

Coleman® offers a variety of sleeping bags for all kinds of weather. You will be spoilt for choice because it does not matter what your circumstances are, you have a Coleman sleeping bag to cater for each of them!
coleman sleeping bags

Coleman Sleeping Bags

coleman sleeping bags

coleman sleeping bags

In 1905, W.C. Coleman, a young salesman at the time selling typewriters, spotted a new type of lamp light in a drugstore window in Brockton, Alabama. This light, fuelled by gasoline burned with a strong, steady white flame. Coleman was fascinated by the light because the standard lamp of the era burned kerosene and produced a smoky, flickering, yellowish light. He saw potential in the new light and through his vision established a new organisation, Coleman Company, Inc. which eventually made his name synonymous with outdoor fun. The Coleman Company, Inc. has added many recognizable brands to their family of goods since then. Among these are sleeping bags, tents, coolers, heaters, lighting and other camping equipments.

Coleman sleeping bags come in handy when you are on sightseeing tour or even when visiting relatives and friends especially in the countryside. There is no need to worry about beds as the sleeping bags can be used both outdoors and indoors. There is a wide variety to choose ranging from cotton, nylon or synthetic fibre for the shell. The sleeping bags are also made to suit all kinds of climatic conditions from extremely cold to the warm temperatures. Apart from the high Coleman quality, they are durable, comfortable, convenient, versatile and best of all affordable.

It is easy to decide where in the world you are travelling to and then simply choosing the most suitable sleeping bag based on the climate in the place you are visiting. They provide very comfortable and healthy sleep for every member of the family or group as different sizes are available to suit children as well as adults. Another important aspect of Coleman sleeping bags is, they are impermeable to moisture thereby keeping you clean and dry.

coleman sleeping bags

coleman sleeping bags

Coleman sleeping bags are categorised in accordance with 4 temperature ranges and then various brand names come under each category. We have given below examples of each category and one brand name with its features under the category including the special backpacking category.

1. Extreme Sleeping Bags (0 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit)

Big Basin Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag
This is the perfect sleeping bag for extreme sleeping conditions from 0 to 20 degrees Fahreinheit. It consists of 4.5 lbs. of Coletherm insulation. The pack size is 39 by 92 inches and fits up to a height of 6 feet 4 inches. The cover is diamond ripstop with polyester liner. The double-batt, offset quilt construction eliminates potential cold spots and the semi-sculpted hood keeps head off the ground while surrounding head with warmth. It is an essential camping gear sleeping bag for a better night outdoors. The chest baffle is insulated which helps retain heat in the body of the bag and the fleece foot section provides extra warmth, while the full length draft tube locks out chilly drafts. There is a two way zipper for maximum ventilation, while a stuff sac is included for storage convenience. The bag is commercial machine washable with a five year limited warranty.

2. Cold Sleeping Bags (20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit)

Lassen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag
This Coleman cold weather sleeping bag is made for camping temperatures between 20 and 40 degrees. It has a rectangular shape, the pack size is 33 by 75 inches and it fits up to a height of 5 feet 11 inches. The Coletherm insulation material weighs 4 pounds. The bag shell consists of brushed polyester with cotton flannel liner. This bag has this unique ComfortSmart Technology that includes:
(a) ZipPlow plows fabric away from zipper to prevent snags
(b) ComfortCuff surrounds your face with softness
(c) Roll Control locks bag in place for easier rolling
(d) FiberLock prevents insulation from shifting, thus increasing durability
(e) ThermoLock construction reduces heat loss through the zipper, keeping you warmer
(f) ZipperGlide tailoring allows smooth zipper operation around the corners
(g) QuickCord for easy, no tie closure.
The bag is commercial machine washable with a five year limited warranty.

3. Cool Sleeping Bags (30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit)

Adjustable Comfort Adult Sleeping Bag
This bag is from the Coleman comfort temperature range of 30 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the adult regular size, fits up to a height of 5 feet 11 inches, with the pack size being 33 by 78 inches. This sleeping bag is for any weather conditions as it has multiple layers for your comfort. Divided cover makes layering easy enabling you to cover just your feet and legs, or just your torso. You can Unzip the divided cover completely and the lightweight sheet is ideal for warm nights. The integrated pillow pad design keeps your head on the bag and bag off your face. Roll Control system makes storage easy and the bag comes with a five year warranty.

4. Warm Sleeping Bags (40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit)

Crystal Lake Warm Weather Sleeping Bag
This is a Coleman warm weather sleeping bag made for camping temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees. It has a rectangular shape, with pack size of 33 by 75 inches and fits up to a height of 5 feet 11 inches. The ThermoTech insulation weighs 3 pounds and a cotton cover with soft cotton liner. The ComfortSmart Technology includes: ZipPlow plows fabric, ComfortCuff, Roll Control, FiberLock, ThermoLock, ZipperGlide, and QuickCord for easy, no tie closure. This bag is commercial machine washable and carries a five year limited warranty.

5. Backpacking Sleeping Bags

coleman sleeping bags

coleman sleeping bags

Emmons X40L Mummy
This bag is comfortable down to 40 degrees F. The left zip size is 31 by 84 inches. The pack weight is 2 pounds 11 ounces while the pack size is 7.5 by 13.5 inches. The Coletherm XTR insulation fill is 16 ounces. It is a single layer bag with a 210T, 70D nylon ripstop cover with a 238T, 40D nylon ripstop liner, having antimicrobial treatment. It’s fully sculpted hood with “Which-One” draw cords provides full coverage and allows for easy hood adjustment in the dark. The full length insulated 3 inch draft tube and insulated zipper gusset keeps warm air inside the bag while the insulated chest baffle holds heat in the body of the bag. The box shaped foot provides ample room, while the full length locking zipper with two-way slider allows ventilation of the foot area. The pack comes with compression stuff sack and cotton storage sack.

As you can see, you will be spoilt for choice because it does not matter what your circumstances are, you have a Coleman sleeping bag to cater for each of them, whether you are alone, in a group or as a family.

HoMedics foot massagers ✓ are the right equipment to help you in relieving the muscle tension. click here !
homedics foot massagers

HoMedics Foot Massagers

homedics foot massagers

homedics foot massagers

HoMedics foot massagers are the right equipment to help you in relieving the muscle tension. Imagine yourself, having the foot massage after coming home from one tiring and stressful day in the office. Do not need to pay expensive cost to go to the clinic to get the healing massage by using the HoMedics foot massagers.

When you are working and having full day activities, whether you realize it or not, the pressure from your weight is accumulated in your feet. The accumulated pressure will lead to many aches and pains to your body. Before it moves to many serious illnesses, it is better for you to start to relieve and comfort your worn feet. One way to relieve your tiredness is using the foot massager. Usually people go to the health clinic in order to get the massage. But nowadays, you can enjoy the foot massage in your own home since the equipment is sold freely. If you want to find the foot massager for your feet, you should try the HoMedics foot massagers.

Just sit down and relax. Place your feet on the right position on the HoMedics foot massagers and they will do all jobs. By using the massagers, you do not need to use the complicated machine which the effectiveness is not yet guaranteed. Press the start button and you will get the comfortable massage for your feet. Whether you wear the sock or bare feet, the HoMedics foot massagers will give you the best healing massage and relaxation.

If you use the HoMedics foot massagers, you can choose various massages according to your need. Choose the basic enjoyable massage or enjoy the true relaxation by adding the heat and counter turning message pad. This feature is massaging your feet in the circular motion. Get the different pressure senses for your feet by changing the pressure amount in the HoMedics foot massagers.

Homedics FM-S Therapist Select Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Enjoy more comfortable massage by using these HoMedics foot massagers. They have the innovative counter rotational massage action so you will experience the true relaxation massage. Do not need to bend down to press the control button since the massagers are equipped with the toe touch control. Choose the massage options only by touching the button. The options available in these massagers are the massage only or the combination between the massage and heat. The heat provided is soothing and comfortable for your feet.

You will find it is easy to place and hold your feet on the HoMedics foot massagers since they are designed to ridge on the unit. The design will help you to place your feet easily. Not only comfortable and easy to use, but these HoMedics foot massagers are also highly portable so you can move them from one place to another easily. They are also supported by the light weight and extra long power cord for the flexibility.

Homedics® Destress® Foot and Calf Massager

If you do not like the massager with heat feature, you should try these HoMedics foot massagers. They have the ability to relieve the pains and aches away from your body. Enjoy the four massaging points provided by these massagers.

You do not need to face any difficulty when you use the HoMedics foot massagers. Control the massager by using the remote control. They are also equipped with the safety shut off after 15 minutes. For the stability, these massagers are equipped with the rubberized feet.